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Programmable Logic Controller   

    PC84SF family provides our smallest , most economical programmable controllers. They are  available in either 16 I/O (84RL8/8) or  32 I/O (PC84TR) or 34 I/O (84TR 8/24) 36 I/O (PC84Pro) in 4 electrical configurations. The I/O options and electrical configuration make them ideal for almost any application. An RS232-C communication port is configurable for DB9PIN protocol and some of them direct connection to programming device or operator interface; and most of them are built in RS 485 controller can be expansion and distribution  I/O by remote terminal to another area.

Programmable Logic Controller                 Power supply

                PC84Pro                               PS84 

                PC84TR                                     Relay Driver

  Pro84 & 84RL8/8      Rly12


Soft Ware Support    for window's            Solid State Relay

  Ladpro                     SSR12

PC 84's Series  Specification 

    PC model 

  PC84pro     PC84TR      PC84RL8/8    PC84TR8/24 

Input voltage

24Vdc. isolated 5Vdc. TTL. 24Vdc. isolated 24Vdc. isolated
Digital input  24 Points 16 Points 8 Points 8 Points
Digital output 12 Points. Tr. 12 Points. Tr. 8 Points. Contact 24 Points. Tr.
Installation Rail rack Mounting support Rail rack Rail rack
Communication RS232c/RS485 RS232c/RS485 RS232c/RS485 RS232c/RS485
Backup battery 3Vdc. Lithium 3Vdc. Lithium 3Vdc. Lithium 3Vdc. Lithium
Boolean instruction 2,000 Steps 500 Steps 2,000 Steps 2,000 Steps
Internal relay (IR)  79Words/1,264Bits  79Words/1,264Bits  79Words/1,264Bits  79Words/1,264Bits 
Holding relay (HR) 100Word/1,600Bits 50Word/800Bits 100Word/1,600Bits 100Word/1,600Bits
Link relay (LR) 64Words/1,024Bits 64Words/1,024Bits 64Words/1,024Bits 64Words/1,024Bits
Data Memory (DM) 1,000 Words 500 Words 1,000 Words 1,000 Words
Timer/Counter (TC) 256 Points 48 Points 256 Points 256 Points
Factalk Protocol Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Max. module in host-link mode 8 Module  8 Module  8 Module  8 Module
Special Function 60 SF. 60 SF. 60 SF. 60 SF.
Programming Console. Build in Build in Option (Pro84) Option (Pro84)
Relay Output. Option (RLY12) Option (RLY12) Build in Option (2set RLY12)
Solid State Relay. Option (SSR12) Option (SSR12) Can not Option (2set SSR12)
Power  Supply Option (PS84) Option (PS84) Option (PS84) Option (PS84)
Dimension (W*L*H)mm. 140*180*34 147*211*14 87*120*40 87*120*40
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Last modified: February 7, 2009