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Remote Terminal

    Multiplexing is the method transmitting and receiving simultaneously more than one signal over a common circuit. As the distant increase between any transmitting and receiving point, the cost of multi-conductor  cable  with separate wire for each signal becomes very expensive to installation, maintenance and replacement, With multiplexing , a single wire pair can serve multiple transmitter and receiver, RTI16   RTO16 and RTAD  are good application in with multiplexing could be used. There are Fac-talk Protocol for communicated with controller.

Remote Terminal Input                    Remote Terminal Output                   Relay Driver (Option)

 RTI16 RTO16         Rly16

Remote Terminal Analog Input & Output


Remote Terminal Specification  





Points / Module  16 Points Digital Input   16 Points Digital Output  4 Point Analog Input, 2 Point Analog Output
Digital Input Signal  Dc. Voltage Source , active Low    --  --
Digital Output Signal  --   Transistor, Open Collector NPN Type   --
Analog Input & Output Signal  --  --  0 to 10 Vdc. OR  4 to 20 mA.  8 Bit resolution  
Isolated Circuit  Opto isolators  Opto isolators    Opto isolators  
Relay Output  --  Option (RLY16)  --
Communication  RS232c/RS485   RS232c/RS485   RS232c/RS485 
Maximum Module in the system  16 Module   16 Module   16 Module 
Fac-talk Protocol  Yes  Yes  Yes
Installation  Rail rack  Rail rack  Rail rack

Dimension (W*L*H) mm.

 125*136*29  125*136*29  125*136*29
Power Supply  24 Vcd. , 1A. 24 Vdc. , 1A. 24 Vdc. , 1A.



    There are two applications  of  RTI16 & RTO16, First PLC & RTI16-RTO16 , PLC  is controller installation at local area and distributed RTI16-RTO16 to anywhere, another one used computer control (see below diagram). The distance between controller with end of  remote terminal are less than  500 meter and 32 maximum station can be used in both application. 

PLC & RTI/O  system 

Computer & RTI/O system


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